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Author: Concord Speedway

CARS Tour - Lead 2 Real Estate Group 200 (Aug. 27th)

Concord Speedway (Aug. 27th)

Night of Destruction (Saturday July 2, 2016)


Reminder - There are NO races on the Quarter Mile until August 19th & 20th

The dates of June 3rd and 4th were on the schedule as pre approved rain dates.  We do not have any races that need to be made up as we were able to make them up earlier in the season. Racing on the quarter mile will resume on August 19th! We would like to wish everyone participating in the Summer Shoot Out Good Luck!  Have a safe and wonderful summer!  We hope to see you all back this fall!

Friday May 27th - Old Glory 125/Charles Kepley Memorial 125


Concord Speedway (Winners) May 14, 2016 (1/4 Mile)

Concord Speedway (Winners) May 13, 2016 (1/4 Mile)

Concord Speedway - April 30, 2016 (1/4 Mile)

Concord Speedway - April 29, 2016 (1/4 Mile)

Concord Speedway (Winners) April 30th 2016 (1/4 Mile)

Concord Speedway (Winners) April 29th 2016 (1/4 Mile)